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Oman – Muscat Hills Resort

Muscat Hills Resort is a fantastic resort next to a privat beach which is 40 min away from the airport.

We arrived at the airport in Muscat at around 3 o` clock.

Flight with Oman Air

It was a quick flight. Only 45 minutes from Dubai to Muscat. We looked out of the airplain windows and thought: „oh wow. What a dream weather here. But uff.. 42 degrees. Hello Muscat.“ The sun was still more shining as in Dubai – but we were feeling powerful and good.

When the airplain opened the doors for the passagieres, we hurried up to our suitcases and went to the exit very quickly. Because somebody was waiting there for us.


The Muscat Hills Resort pick-up service.


A friendly man was standing there with our names on a paper. We had to laugh. It was such a nice Sistersaroundtheworld welcome poster 😊 He also was happy – took our suitcases and was guiding us to the van. We got in the vehicle and the driver immediately gave us cold bottles of water and refreshing-towels. Yeah.. what a hot summer in Oman.

But he told us: „It’s normal and you get used to it after a while.“ 

He switched on the radio with typical Omani music , give us his hotspot for the internet conection  and

explained us some sightseeing buildings which were next to the streets when we looked out of the windows..  very cool ride to our destination.


Arrived at the Muscat Hills Resort two men helped us with our luggages and brought them directely to our „hotel room“.

There was already a third man with a small golf cart waiting for us to hop in.

Quickly we jumped on that cart and he brought us to our „hotel room“. That hotel room wasn‘t  actually a hotel room.

The hotel rooms are small huts with small terraces – when you go out and left there is immediately the beach and the sea


IT WAS A HUT.. a small HUT for ourselfes.. Amazing.

And that HUT was located direct next to the sea.. ohhhh gooooosh!! WHAT A FEELING! 😊


We opened the small wooden entry doors and went in.

A spacious room with a four-poster bed for 2 persons, another white sofa/bed and a wooden mirror sideboard with a welcome fruit platter and cold water bottles on it. Everything there was structured very clear and styled in white and it was very open looking.








Then we went – through the small corridor which has a big wardrobe, a shelf space with a fridge on the side – to the amazing bathroom.













The bathroom is an extraordinary room. It was a breathtaking moment when we went in. Because it’s an open-air bathroom.




That means it has just walls and a skewed bamboo sticks roof with a gap in between. SO THAT MEANS you can listen to the birds and the waves of the sea (of course also at night when you lay in bad and you fall asleep.) That was an unique experience we had.. It was just a Wow-effect. And this bathroom is designed with bright stone walls, white- and sandy coloured decorations, a big bambus rod for the towels, a big place for the shower, super new wand hand basin and a toilet. All in one you can feel supernaturally but with a high standart there. Just amazing.

Then we couldn’t wait to go to the private beach and the private bay of the hotel finally and to go to the pool and the outdoor hotel bar.

You also can rent a cabana for 10 persons

We changed our clothes into beachwear, took our mobiles – nothing more – and went on. It’s just putting your feet out of the hut and you are there. 😊 We choose 2 sunbeds and the beach staff brought two towels for us. Then we ordered two cocktails and just enjoyed the sun, the warm wind and our stay here.. We were ridded of any disturbable daily thoughts.. 😊 pretty cool!




cape (left) and dress (right) from Rehana Baasheer (brand from Dubai)

By the way: This resort is very well-known in whole Muscat for its nice hotel PRIVATE- beach and bay. And sometimes there is a DJ there for miscellaneous events or parties. During the day or at the evening.


The time was flying and it was almost 8 pm. After that we went back to our hut and made ourselves ready for the dinner. With our evening gown we went to the outside restaurant with the view to the beach and sea.

cabe and dress from Rehana Basheer

The service team welcomed us very friendly and showed us a nice table for two. The style and architecture of the restaurant is Ibizalike, that means it looks very Meditarranean with bright colours: white, lightbrown, beige. The Tables are are glossy with some comfortable stylish directors chairs.

We ordered paella for two and a fresh cooked lobster.


And it was more than enough. And suuuuuperdelicious.. It was outstanding!! This paella and this lobster were better then we ever have eaten somewhere in Spain before. With two glasses of wine we enjoyed our evening with a nice lounge music in the background and the view to the beach and sea and its bay and hills nearby.

Then we went sleeping.. Closing the eyes and just listen to the monotonous fan and the birds and the waves and is like you’re in paradise at this moment. It’s an amaaaaaazing feeling.. nothing more to say.. Gooood Night!! 😊


On the next day we went up very early.. our plan was: first breakfast – then – professional diving in the sea.


The breakfast room is also a white/lightbrown room with a lot of glossy tables and directors chairs. Very open looking and pleasent cooled down. On the buffet you find a lot of different things like: two sorts of bread and toasts, different fruits and vegetables, cheese platters, different types of cold cuts, fresh juices, a mashine for your favourite coffee, hard cooked eggs (but you also can order some different egg dishes), marmelades/jam, milk with different cornflakes and mueslies and so on and so on.


We ate just a selfmade huge sandwich and pieces of the delicious cakes and went to the swimmingpool were we had our appointment with a nice young lady for our diving-session.

We filled out some formulars and went directly to the room with its oxygen bottles and wetsuits.

As we got our suitable wetsuits we went inside the pool and the young lady explained us the important sign language for under water. We learnd how to swim with fins on and how to move under water. The most important thing was also the breathing with a generator in the mouth.








All in one it was not easy at the beginning – but sooner or later we learned how to dive correctely. It’s just a thing of excercise 😊

Then the woman smiled and said:  „Now I give both of you a GOYour are ready for the sea“.

Yeah! We smiled, went out of the pool, packed our bags and went to the boat.

The man on the boat helped us to get in and we were leaving the shore.

We were sitting right in the front – enjoying the warm weather, the warm wind and the salty breeze of the sea water.

When the woman said she wanted to dive here the man stopped and dropped the anchor.






Then it was our part. D I V I N G. Around 8 meters we were under the sea level. Saw some freaky fishes, some coloured plants and even a cute turtle couple.  When you are under water it’s definately another world.. you have a crazy feeling there – it’s difficult to describe but it was a outstanding moment and we will do it again as soon as possible.

When our oxygen tanks became almost empty and we became weaker we decided to go back to the boat and go back to the resort.  We took off our wetsuits, leant back and enjoyed the return.

Arrived at the beach, we went back to the diversequiptment room, washed our stuff in desinfected water, said good bye

and went to our huts for having a quick rest.

Then we went to the outdoor hotelbar to have a quick drink and a Shisha there. And just sitting and just chilling. (And during the day we explored Muscat.. but for that: see later more on our Travel/Destination tab)

Shisha Lounges next to the hotelbar – very relaxed feeling there – Whatch it later on our Facebookpage 🙂


After we loaded up ourselves with energy we went to the restaurant and had some dinner there. We had a fresh salat and octopus as a starter and a hamour fish plate as our main course.

It was again a brilliant food like the day before so that means: This kitchen always cooks on a high level.. very good!!


As we were finished with dinner and the sun set, we were fancied to go to the pool.

We quickly changed our clothes into bikinis, took some towels from the towelbar and jumped into the pool – were we also had our diving lesson during the day – with a lot of happiness. 😊 The pool temprerature was around 27 degrees – the perfect refreshment after this adventourious day. AND another cool point of this pool is: It changes the colours. And so we called this pool „The rainbow pool“ WUUUHUUU!! 😊 We had a lot of fun there.


We became tired, went back to our hut and fell asleep very quick.


The next day we packed our suitcases, asked one of the hotel stuff to pick them up and then we went to breakfast.

Again we had a very delicious breakfast time

but we had to hurry up.. our pick up service was still waiting for us on the reception. We gave a huge thanks to the great service team, we handed over our keys and said good bye.

We got into the van, looked out of the windows and enjoyed what we saw, arrived 35 min later at the airport, said good bye to the driver and went full with satisfaction to our flight. WHAT A NICE COUNTRY – OMAN – AND A NICE STAY IN MUSCAT AND ITS BEAUTIFUL RESORT – MUSCAT HILLS RESORT


If you want to book your hotel room there – send us an Email. Maybe we can give you a discount 😉


Verena and Nadine


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Muscat Hills Resort is definately the best place to be in Oman.
It has its own beach club on the private beach of the resort – with VIP areas and sunbeds.
It has a pool with a cool light effect at night.
It has beach huts dirctly next to the sea.
It has a restaurant with a very good cuisine and an bar on the beach.
The sport activities are diving, snorkeling, Kanu, ect
It has the only dive center of Padi in Oman where you can learn how to dive.
And last but not least:
It has a big place for Shishalounges and you can enjoy your stay there perfectly.