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Muscat in Oman – Park Inn Hotel by Radisson

Park Inn by Radisson – Muscat


The city hotel „Park Inn by Radisson“ in Muscat is just 15 km away from the airport and 15 km away from the Ruwi Business district (the commercial hub) and is located in the center of Muscat.


We were in Muscat and drove there by car. It was just a short ride – from our latest destination – to arrive to the hotel: Park Inn by Radisson in Muscat.


The taxi driver helped us with our baggages to put them out from the luggage trunk and there we were: in front of the big hotel.

We snatched our staff and got into the hotel. A man was welcoming us very friendly, showed us the

way to the reception and offered us some Arabic tea and sweet dates as a welcoming. 😊

We checked-in at the reception and another man immediately grabbed our baggages, put it on the baggage wagon and guided us to the elevator. The first impression was the nice open lobby with its restaurant/breakfast room and the stylish decoration of the big red chairs.








The man pushed the button for the elevators, we took the first elevator, went in and looked through the elevator windows down to the beautiful light-flooded lobby. The three elevators – next to each other – have curved glass panes so that you can see the lobby, the reception, the restaurant and the indoor shop from above.

We got off at the 3rd level and went to our room 340. The man opened the door for us and overhanded our bags and suitcases and said “Have a nice stay at our hotel”. We said goodbye and there we were. Wow.. a small nice and cozy room. Inside the room on the right side is the small bathroom and straight on it was the room with our beds.

First we discovered the bathroom.








Its a small room with the colours: dark-red and white. When you are in the bathroom you see the big mirrow and the wash basin. On the left there is the spacious stylish shower with a glass wall in between and on the right side is the toilet. Everything very new and stylish.

In the bathroom are some products from the brand „Dove“ like shampoo, cream and soaps. And on the right side of the wash basin there is a fixed hair dryer.


Then we went to the room. The first thing we recognized were the two beds. It’s a room for two but with 2 beds. That brought us to chuckle about. Sisters also need some space for themselves sometimes 😊








Nadine chose the left side and Verena the right. And BAAAAM. WE JUMPED INTO THE FRESH MADE BEDS. That’s a cool feeling, isn’t it? 😊

In the room there is also a telephone, a TV, 2 red big chairs, a small table, a work desk with a desk chair, 2 big wardrobes, 2 bedside tables, a big long mirror, a small minibar and a small tea bar with a water kettle and an iron with an ironing board. That’s all you need for a small smart stay, right? 😊

Then we were thinking to take a look inside the hotel and its in-house souvenir shop and their meeting rooms (5 rooms which you can connect to each other), the gym, the steaming room and the sauna.


We jumped in our sportwear and went to the first floor. In the „Gym and Wellness“ area there was a very friendly man who explained us different sports equipment and switched on the steaming room and the sauna for us 😊 first we did a small sport session and then we went to the relaxing areas for some time. That’s really good for the well-being and we felt so good after that.


After we finished with our sport and wellness session we felt a bit hungry and tought of going out – TO SEE MUSCAT. Normally we would go to the reception to order a taxi but at this time a friend of us was also in the hotel. That was such a funny coincidence 😊 So we  (klick on the destination tap later to read more about Muscat)


Back at the hotel we were absolutely starving. Because we walked around so much. 😊 And it was already evening. The hotel recommended us their restaurant called „RBG“ but first the reception told us to have a look at their beautiful colourful rooftop area called „Sama Terrazza“ with the swimming pool and chillout area with its big bar before it closes.  Of course we had to see it so we went up to the top level, ordered a cocktail and enjoyed the great music and atmosphere and especially the great view over Muscat there before we went for dinner.

We changed our clothes into evening dresses. Our local friend of Muscat waited for us in the lobby. He also recommended the restaurant RBG which is one of the 2 hotel restaurants.  Oh – when HE recommends a place it must be good then 😊

So we decided to stay in the hotel and went in.  A young lady showed and guided us to a nice table, gave us the menus and it didn’t take us long what we wanted in a steakhouse:

Nadine ordered a sea food platter and Verena a pepper steak with mashed potatoes and vegetables.  For drinks we had 2 glasses of white wine.

We enjoyed the evening and the interesting conversation with our Omani friend. He explained us again some nice things about Muscat and offered us to go somewhere else with him after dinner. We agreed, finished our platters and glasses and went to to his car. (read more on our separate Muscat Blogpost)


Back again at the hotel we were totally sleepy. Went to our room and fell asleep immediately. What a brilliant day full of amazing impressions.


On the next morning we made ourselves ready for the breakfast. The General Manager was waiting for us there, because he noticed that we were guest in the hotel. 😊 That was a cool thing for us.

Assistent on the left – General Manager in the middle. Nice to meet you 🙂

We had a big table on the side of the breakfast area, which is next to the Lobby, and we had a small talk with him and his assistant. Then they left and we were going to the biiiiiig buffet they have. Wow.. a grand choice. Started with the bread. They have different types of bread. Also gluten free. Going on to the delicious sweets. From croissants to cakes. Then the spreads: jams, marmalades, Nutella, honey, different cheese spreads, humus, ect. Then the meat section – everything is there – from hot to cold. And the drinks: fresh orange juice and other different fresh juices, milk, all kind of teas, coffees and so on. A big plate of different cheeses, fruits, vegetables..

Live-Cooking Station








The buffet if really huge. We enjoyed that. And also the atmosphere. Pretty cool. A big surface in the middle of the grand floor. You can have a look to the reception and the cool elevators. It has a fence around, but it’s very open looking and you feel very comfortable there.

After breakfast we went to our room and packed our suitcases. When everything was finished we closed the doors behind us and went to the elevators. 3 levels down – straight on to the reception – we overhanded our room cards said “Thank you and Good Bye”. It was a fantastic stay. No resentments. Top quality. All good 😊 And then we went to our friends car. He directly brought us to the airport, waved at us – said good bye – and we were walking to our flight.

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The 4 star hotel Park Inn by Radisson in Muscat (Oman) is a great place if you want to be near the airport and near a commercial hub.
It has a swimming pool and a bar at the rooftop, steamrooms, a sauna, an indoor shop, meeting rooms, a business center, an indoor restaurant, a gym and wellness sector.
All in one you can have a comfortable stay. With a briliant breakfast, good service and great dinner at the evening.