Lebanon Island – The place to be at the iconic “WORLD”

A collection of 300 man-made islands in the shape of a world map is located in the Arabian Gulf, close to the Palm Jumeirah Dubai and it is surrounded by an oval shaped breakwater. The islands are planned for private homes, estate homes, resorts and community islands. Until now the first and only business development […]

Jones The Grocer – Dubai

Jones The Grocer is a restaurant at the Dusit Thani Hotel at the ground floor and located next to the Sheikh Zayed Road. It has an international kitchen and is open 24/7.  Every Wednesday there is the „Cheese and Wine“- Event, which we were very interested in.    We read about this event in the […]

Benjarong – Dubai

Benjarong – is a verv highclass Thai restaurant at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Dubai. When you are on the famous Sheikh Zeyed Road you can see the unique hotel facade. A big tower with a round arch in the middle of the tower. You can’t oversee it! For us it’s an unbreakable habit to […]

Dubai Palm Tours – See „The Palm Jumeirah“ from the other side

Dubai Palm Tours – See Dubai from the other side There is this one sentence, that is always in our mind „Make your dreams come true!“. And… well.. one day – we both woke up with different dreams but – almost the same 😉 – and with these words in our mind: nice weather, beautiful […]

Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix

The most glamourous event in the Formula 1 calendar is the Monaco Grand Prix which is held in May every year after or during the last weekend of the Festival de Cannes. Most people combine both events, so did we 🙂

Festival de Cannes

The International Film Festival is an annual film festival held in Cannes/ France. Usually it starts on a Wednesday in May and it covers two weekends. This festival is basically an event in three categories: 1) business (film industry), 2) screenings and 3) parties.

National Sisters Day

Today is national sisters day! It’s all about having a sister or being one.👭 A female sibling is called 💕sister💕! Spend your time today with her and make it a special day!

Bavarian Breakfast

Breakfast at Dallmayr – Munich

Fancy a great breakfast? We chose to go for THE traditional bavarian coffee house: Café Dallmayr which is right next to the „Rathaus“ in the center of Munich. We were lucky and got a nice corner table in  the upper cafe  & restaurant with a view over the happening and newly designed Marienhof. The Restaurant is […]

Carnival in Cologne

On the 11th of November at 11:11 am the „fifth season of the year” wakes up from its sleep.  But the crazy main days are the 6 days from the day of the “Weiberfastnacht (Shrove Thursday)” until “Faschingsdienstag (Shrove Tuesday)” which are mostly in one of the month in January, February and March. The “Rosenmontag […]

Dîner en blanc

Have you heard about the white pick nick with thousands of people on one place? That’s the diner en blanc! It started in Paris in 1988 and it has been operated already in some cities all over the world. Dinner en blanc takes place in summertime, only once a year per city. When a friend […]