Lebanon Island – The place to be at the iconic “WORLD”

A collection of 300 man-made islands in the shape of a world map is located in the Arabian Gulf, close to the Palm Jumeirah Dubai and it is surrounded by an oval shaped breakwater. The islands are planned for private homes, estate homes, resorts and community islands.

Lebanon Island at The World Project

Until now the first and only business development that opened its doors to the public is the island called “Lebanon Island” at the incredible World project and that’s exactly where we went for one day. For that we want to take you on board to show you our first impressions of the ultimate island experience.

After our lunch at home we packed our bags with bikinis, sunscreen etc. and drove to the small fishing harbor in Jumeirah which is almost at eye level with Burj Khalifa. From far we could already see some other visitors inside and next to the boat at the agreed meeting time.

At the boat with our passports (Burj Khalifa in the Background)

We got on board at the very back of the small open boat, got our life vests and departed. We were told to bring our passport or Emirates ID on board and right before we left the harbor, the boat stopped for the coast guard checking where they checked all the IDs of people leaving Dubai by sea. After that we continued our ride towards “The World”. For us the ride was a bit wet, as we got some splashes from the sea but as it was anyway a hot sunny day we found the cold water as a relief from the suns heat. From the sea you have the best view to the skyline of the skyscrapers of Dubai Downtown and we couldn’t take the eyes off this beautiful experience.

After roughly 20 min of boat riding we got closer to our destination “Lebanon Island”. We passed many other islands which were completely empty and only full of sand. And then we saw the beautiful creature of the place to be! We hopped off the boat and went through a stylish gate made of seven white arches where we got our refreshing welcome drink. At the end of that gate a grey stone wall welcomes all visitors with huge white letters on it: THE ISLAND – of course that was the first picture hotspot and that not only for us 🙂

Cabanas for rent

The way leaded us further to the pool area. On its way we passed by some cabanas on the left side. These are perfect for people or families who want to rent an air-conditioned room with sofas and a table inside, and with its own toilet and shower. We got two fresh towels for our double sunbeds and before we got changed to our bikinis we were so curious what the island has to offer so we walked around the beautiful island first before jumping into the pool.

Exploring Lebanon Island

Two teams had a match at the volleyball field, some children played at the playground and some just enjoyed the calm on the sunbeds on the beach while others did kayaking around the island or collecting mussels. Inside the beach club restaurant visitors had their lunch or just a small snack or played billiard.

Beach Club House by night
Some refreshment drinks at the pool bar


Huge pool with water equipments

It was now our time to relax and so we jumped into the pool and swam for a while. In the pool were some inflatable mattresses, hard plastic floating air beds, swim noodles and small water balls, which are there for everyone. So we enjoyed some hours at the pool area, got some sun tan and had some refreshing drinks at the pool bar.










Before sunset we decided to do Kayaking and it was incredible how calm and beautiful the water was. When we paddled around the island it was such a great feeling to see this spectacular World project with all the other sandy islands around us and so close especially when you dont know how it will look after all the island are established…

Kayaking around Lebanon Island

After 1 hour of exercise we became hungry and we ordered some food and drinks in the beach club restaurant. When we came out it was already dark and a DJ was playing great music at the outside party- and dance area. So we ended up listening to the beats on our sunbeds, did a bit of dancing and then we packed our bags and went back to the boat. This time another small boat with inside seating and air-conditioning brought us back to the Jumeirah harbor. The boats are leaving from the island roughly every hour.

We had an outstanding time at this unique and special place and we really recommend everyone warmly who lives in UAE or is just here for a visit you really should spend a day at the place to be: THE ISLAND!


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